Update on Eric

What week for Eric and all of the donations made! Thank you all who have contributed and shared Eric’s story. He received another extension at TIRR Rehab facility to March 19th. Eric has had another good week of therapy. The therapists are working with his legs in order to stimulate eventual muscle memory for walking. He had a swallow test last Thursday and he did great. He was able to swallow a small amount of pudding and applesauce in addition to sips of water. This last week has been his best week ever for hand and leg movement. His doctors and therapists are quite pleased with this progress! Just before posting this update Eric’s dad sent this photo of Eric giving his mom a smile. This is the first smile they’ve seen in months!

Update on eric

Eric Gensch’s life story truly embodies the meaning of his name, "Forever Strong", and now more than ever he and his family need your help! Eric has been a warrior his entire life, battling through physical hardships since day one- including a rare birth defect in his left leg, overcoming testicular cancer, and a bout against bacterial meningitis that required multiple brain surgeries to eradicate has left Eric without much ability to move any of the muscles in his body. Recently however, significant progress has been made within the first week of physical therapy. Eric has been able to make slight movements in his neck and legs! 100% of LiveLoud Charities’ donations will go directly to Eric’s out-of-pocket medical bill expenses, equipment, and the professional in-home care he needs in order to continue his progress and remain "Forever Strong"! Please read more about Eric’s Story here.

Denver Colorado’s Channel 4 filmed a story about Eric for the nightly news in 1999 (when he was eleven years old). The story is significant because it not only captures the struggles Eric has been overcoming his entire life, but also shows the world his Warrior spirit and huge heart! Please take 3 minutes of your time to view this incredible story!

Click here to watch the Video!

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