Ryan’s Story

Ryan Gensch’s life story is one of remarkable achievement of overcoming tremendous odds to achieve healing, rehabilitation, and passion for living; all of which reflects the Organization’s credo. Ryan is stage IV germ cell cancer survivor and former paraplegic who today is 100% cancer free and walks without pain after spending over six years in a wheel chair and battling through countless rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

As a teenager, Ryan grew up in Houston, TX as an All-American boy loving life, playing sports, and dreaming of becoming a professional soccer player one day. In High School, Ryan was selected to an elite All-America team USA club to compete at the highest level of International Soccer competition. Ryan scored three goals in a World Championship game in Prague, Czech Republic and quickly his hopes and dreams were becoming a reality.

Then, in the blink of an eye, everything in Ryan’s life began to change. He lost his younger brother Michael to brain cancer in the fall of 2002. It wasn’t long after that Ryan was suddenly, and without warning, struck with late stage spinal cancer and immediately began intense chemo and radiation treatments for the many spinal tumors destroying his system and forcing him into a wheelchair with only a small percent chance of living and even smaller percent chance of ever walking again.

Ryan was treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and now through his work with LiveLoud Charities, he now aims to give back to said Cancer Center and other cancer research institutions through the promotion of inspirational apparel, personal speaking engagements , endorsements, and hopes that the organization’s resources allow it to provide assistance to direct fund raising for various Cancer Centers and other research institutions furthering cancer research initiatives. Ryan will educate the public about cancer through his speaking engagements and will offer encouragement and reassurance to those suffering from cancer and their families. The organization hopes to contact oncologists, doctors, physiologists and others to join Ryan in speaking to and encouraging individuals and their families stricken with cancer. These individuals will not only talk to these individuals about cancer, but will work to lift their spirits during their struggles and, most importantly, to live a life of positive actions and be reminded of their goals and aspirations.

In addition, the sales and promotion of inspirational apparel and merchandise will help fund the organization’s goals and connections and provide customers and donors the ability to buy and wear inspirational gear with slogans and reminders of hope and commitment no matter what a person may be battling in life.